Summer Learning Video Series: Writing

Why Writing is Such a Valuable Skill, With Jennifer Kulick

National Curriculum Consultant, Jennifer Kulick, shares how writing strengthens communication skills, sharpens creativity, maintains focus, widens vocabulary, and improves long-term memory. Integrate writing into your literacy curriculum with our reflection journal, annotation tools, or interactive writing resources.

Hi. My name is Jennifer Kulick. I am a National Curriculum Consultant at Learning A to Z.

One of my favorite parts of literacy is writing, because it impacts so many different aspects of child learning development. As a former educator and administrator, I’ve seen countless examples of how writing strengthens communication skills and expressing oneself, sharpens your creativity and imagination skills, organizes your thoughts and keeps you focused, widens your knowledge base in vocabulary, and improves storing information into your long-term memory. These aspects ultimately increase your overall sense of competence and achievement.

At Learning A to Z, you can incorporate writing into any resource, from a printable, projectable or digital approach. Take advantage of our digital reflection journal on Kids A to Z, annotate a PDF writing, vocabulary or word work document from our Resources tab, or engage in writing practice through our interactivity options. The opportunities are endless, and accessible on any device.

So why wait? Get started today!

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