Response to Intervention (RtI)

Supporting Intervention in the Classroom

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Learning A-Z allows educators to effectively match resources to support intervention needs. Our solutions allow teachers to quickly monitor progress anytime, anywhere, and provide ongoing and repeated practice to strengthen comprehensive literacy skill acquisition.

Identifying the Need for Intervention

As an educator that observes or reviews student data, you may recognize a need for individual, intensive, one-on-one instruction for your students. To support this, our solutions target skills and standards that address specific gaps in student understanding. Our printable, projectible, and digitally assignable resources are used to support whole-group initial instruction and small-group instruction to reteach and enrich. No matter the focus of instruction, our research-based and standards-aligned resources are sure to help students stay on track

Practice and Assessment

When struggling to make literacy learning gains, students need tools that make it easy to practice newly acquired skills. Likewise, teachers must have the resources they need to measure and track progress. Our solutions offer an abundance of both. With measures such as this in place to inform instruction, teachers are able to maximize the efficacy of instruction and act as a catalyst in driving improved student results.

Flexible Resources Based on Student Need

Offering a wealth of resources at varying levels of complexity to differentiate instruction and monitor student progress, we have carefully curated a collection of high-quality resources to address foundational literacy, comprehension, and higher-order thinking skills. All resources have been designed to allow for flexible, multisensory literacy instruction and practice, and take a scaffolded and standards-based approach to ensure instruction allows for teacher choice when it comes to differentiation.

School-to-Home Connection

Flexibility in your learning environment is absolutely key. In addition to offering resources to support in-home and classroom learning, we also have measures in place to ensure students stay on track regardless of their learning environment. Accompanied by our student portal, our products also offer a parent portal, allowing parents to monitor progress and send encouraging messages to their students.

Confidence and Motivation

Student engagement is vital for making progress. Our solutions deliver an interactive learning experience designed to keep students motivated. Upon logging in, students have access to a colorful eLearning environment where they learn, practice, and apply their literacy skills each day. Within this virtual environment, students are able to enjoy a plethora of activities and texts complete with interactive tools for annotation and recording. To keep students engaged and to grow their confidence, this student environment offers praise and feedback as well as rewards and incentives as they complete activities and earn stars. Using those earned stars to customize their avatar and environment, students will feel excited to come back and accomplish even more! As students learn with our solutions, they are motivated to continue learning with game-based activities to refine specific skills such as vocabulary, spelling, and phonics.

Drive Improved Learning Outcomes in Your Classroom

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