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Vocabulary A-Z Connects Instruction to Online Game-Based Practice

Digital Vocabulary, Spelling, and Phonics Activities for K-5


  • K-6 games to practice spelling, vocabulary and phonics in-class or at-home
  • Pre-made or custom lists auto-generate vocabulary lessons, games, and quizzes
  • Access for up to 36 students per classroom
  • Dedicated support team available by chat and phone
  • Complimentary webinars, videos, and guides to help you get started

$117.00 for 1-year subscription

(That's only $10.00 a month!)

Have questions about ordering? Visit our Support Center for answers. Retail price is per classroom or family/home. 40+ classrooms? Need a quote? Contact Us.

Vocabulary A-Z is a digital solution for helping K-5 students build vocabulary, spelling, and phonics skills and increase reading comprehension. With Vocabulary A-Z, teachers can differentiate instruction and practice with premade and customizable word lists, digital and printable lessons, and online game-based activities and quizzes that students love!

  • Choose from premade lessons or create custom lessons from categorized word lists to connect instruction to current topics of study, core curriculum resources, or Learning A-Z resources.
  • Assign differentiated lessons to students for online independent practice and generate printable 5-day lesson plans to support classroom instruction.
  • Motivate students to practice vocabulary, spelling, and/or phonics with online game-based activities that dynamically incorporate assigned lists and make learning fun.
  • Inform individual and class-wide instructional needs using digital activity and assignment reports.


Retail price is $117.00

Have questions about ordering? Visit our Support Center for answers.