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We provide a number of professional development offerings to help users enhance instruction.

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Strategies to Retain Quality Educators

Reducing Teacher Burnout: A Multifaceted Issue

Teacher burnout is becoming more prevalent than ever, causing attrition to skyrocket. Is your school prepared? Learn more about how you can help.

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Supporting Bilingual and Dual Language Learners

Unlocking the Secrets to Teaching Literacy

Engaging in literacy instruction varies widely from English to Spanish. Learn more about how to maximize learning gains in your bilingual classroom.

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Digital Books to Elevate Student Motivation

Maintaining Reading Development Over the Holidays

Students tend to read less, and ultimately, regress during the holiday season. Learn more about how the vast library within Raz-Plus can help!

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Guiding Students to Become Successful Readers

Digital Reading Tools: Surpassing the Capabilities of Printable Books

Historically, teachers have relied on printable books to complement reading instruction, but there's a better way! Learn how digital books can help.

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An Approach to Increase Reading Comprehension

Elevating Reading Development With Close Reading

Reading success lies in reading comprehension, but many students often passively read most texts. Learn about how close reading can help.

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