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We provide a number of professional development offerings to help users enhance instruction.

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Acknowledging the Impact of Unconscious Bias

Understanding Teacher Bias

Has your classroom been negatively impacted by teacher bias? If so, you are not alone! Read on to learn more about how to combat it.

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Showing Teachers That They are Valued

Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week 2023

Teacher Appreciation week 2023 is almost here! Is your school/district prepared? If not, no worries! Read on to gather some ideas for your celebration.

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The Essentials to Help Your Classroom Succeed

Taking the Guesswork Out of Writing Instruction

As an educator you may have experienced that the emphasis within the literacy equation tends to be placed on reading development, leaving much to be...

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Examining the Impact on the World of Education

Chat GPT and AI Writing Solutions: Friend or Foe?

Many educators have become worried that AI writing technology will negatively impact the classroom, but it doesn't have to be that way! Learn more.

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Achieving Writing Success With Writing A-Z

The Learning A-Z Teacher Grant Program

Looking to improve writing instruction in your classroom? Our Teacher Grant Program can help you win free tools to do so. Read on to learn more.

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