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We provide a number of professional development offerings to help users enhance instruction.

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Inspiring Curiosity: A Conscious Effort

Taylor Papotto, a first-grade teacher, provides strategies to inspire curiosity and foster a growth-oriented mindset in the classroom. Learn more.

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4 Ways Parents Can Set Students Up For Success

Back to school season can be quite challenging, but with these four tips, you can help set your students up for academic success.

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Maintaining Motivation Throughout the Year

Whether you’re teaching in-person or virtually, keeping students motivated and engaged is vital to their success! Teacher Alejandra Londono offers some tips.

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Forming Growth-Oriented Thinkers

Teacher Tasha Fisher discusses how to form growth-oriented thinkers with positive reinforcement, goal-tracking, and an engaging curriculum.

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Establishing a Strong Classroom Community

Building relationships with students is vital to their success. Teacher Tasha Fisher outlines 5 key steps to establishing a strong classroom community.

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