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We Deliver the Resources and Tools Special Education Programs Need to be Successful

Learning A-Z is an ideal source for effective, developmentally-appropriate resources for students in Special Education programs. Our products provide a wealth of materials that are easily matched to students' developmental needs and can be customized for any Special Education program and Individualized Education Program (IEP).

Differentiated Instruction

Our solutions include resources that fuel differentiated instruction, a vital element to any Special Education program or Individualized Education Program. Our solutions offer research-based resources that make it easy to tailor lessons to an individual student. Whether you are conducting whole-group, small-group, or one-on-one instruction, Learning A-Z has the tools you need to suit the specific learning needs of every student.

Support for Various Learning Modalities

Our portfolio of solutions supports varying learning modalities and captivates students by encouraging them to participate in activities and achieve goals and milestones. In the midst of doing so, our products provide ample, varied methods of mastery and practice that are oral, visual, kinesthetic, or auditory in nature, embracing the innate differences in learning styles. As students learn, they engage in multisensory practice and instruction that is personalized to meet their needs, interests, and their appropriate learning level. It is this support that allows students to thrive.

Student Confidence and Motivation

Our interactive student portal contains incentives and rewards designed to keep students motivated and engaged each day. Utilizing an interactive, game-based student portal, our literacy solutions encourage students to read and complete activities to earn stars. In doing so, students are motivated to continue earning to fund purchases to customize their very own rockets or avatars. Simultaneously, students embark on a journey to learn vocabulary, spelling, and phonics skills with a completely interactive platform that offers tools such as annotation and recording. With this engaging student portal, students are motivated to continue to learn and reach their next milestones.

Student Assessment and Reporting

Our solutions offer a number of personalized assessment opportunities that allow teachers to monitor progress and ensure students are making sufficient learning gains aligned to their Individualized Education Program. Offering reporting on both individual student and classroom levels, our solutions assist in identifying learning gaps and inform future instruction.

School-to-Home Connection

Flexibility to support any learning environment is absolutely key. Offering resources to support in-home and classroom learning, we have measures in place to ensure students stay on track regardless of their learning environment. In addition to a student portal, our solutions also include a parent portal, where parents can monitor progress and send encouraging messages to their students. 

Enhance Your Special Education Program

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