Engaging Families in Student Learning

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Education is more impactful when caregivers play an integral role in their child’s day-to-day education. Our easy-to-access digital resources invite parents to participate in their child’s learning. These online resources are easy to access at home, enabling parents to read with their students, keep up with progress, and stay connected to the process. Families enjoy flexible access to learning materials to support learning in any environment (in-person, distance learning, hybrid learning).

Best Practices

Parents and caregivers can rest assured that our products are based on research and designed to support educational best practices.

Interactive Learning

Our digital student portal enables online and mobile access to meaningful practice resources, interactive learning tools (annotation and recording tools) and awards and incentives like fun avatars that motivate students.

Meeting the Needs of Every Child

From resources designed for English Language Learners to authentic Spanish resources promoting cultural awareness, and support for social-emotional learning, parents and caregivers can be confident about their students using Learning A-Z resources.

Parent Resources

Parents and caregivers can monitor progress and send encouraging messages through the online Parent Portal, 24/7. With online and mobile access from any location, families can read with their students and participate in their daily learning at home.


Our extensive collections of literacy-focused resources and tools, with comprehensive lesson plans, activities, assessments, and independent practice opportunities, are the ideal solution for homeschool instruction.

Student Data Privacy and Security

Student data privacy and security have always been top priorities for Learning A-Z. Our products are certified by industry-leading third-party organizations.

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