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At Learning A-Z, we are committed to serving students and educators. Our award-winning, affordable digital resources deliver engaging instructional materials, innovative technology, and proven strategies for supporting learning and personalizing instruction. With extensive resource collections and full professional development support, we make it easy to use our products to supplement your curriculum.

Flexible Teaching Materials

Based on research and best practices for teaching literacy, our teaching materials include lesson plans, classroom activities, and assessments that save teachers valuable planning time, as well as thousands of leveled books and resources in multiple formats that can be used for whole-class, small-group, one-to-one instruction, and independent practice.

Making Differentiated Instruction Easier

Teachers know their students best, so we provide a wealth of resources to facilitate differentiated instruction and practice. Leveled teaching materials support effective intervention, on-level instruction, and enrichment. Online student management tools and digital reporting inform instruction, helping teachers close learning gaps and provide the impactful instruction each student needs to thrive.

Providing Online Student Access 24/7

Digital delivery enables access anywhere, anytime. Because our printable, projectable, and digital resources are available entirely online, teachers and students can use them to support any learning environment (in-person, distance learning, hybrid learning, or blended learning), providing flexibility and continuity, and saving teachers valuable preparation time.

Interactive Student Learning

Our engaging student portal provides online and mobile access to resources and interactive learning tools like digital annotation and recording tools, as well as built-in awards and incentives that motivate students to practice.

Resources to Engage Every Student

We’re proud to offer culturally responsive materials that support important needs like social-emotional learning, as well as targeted resources for English Language Learners and authentic Spanish resources for dual language learners.

Student Data Privacy and Security

Student data privacy and security are, and have always been, top priorities for us at Learning A-Z. Our products are certified by industry-leading third-party organizations.

Professional Development

Educators can benefit from the professional development we offer, helping to ensure that they have the tools they need to maximize student outcomes. All customers receive access to complimentary product orientation, including webinars, videos, guides, and more, to help educators make the most of their Learning A-Z resources.

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