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Dual Language Education

Dual-Language Classroom

We Deliver High-Quality Resources and Tools for Dual-Language Instruction

Learning A-Z delivers a suite of leveled educational resources that support instruction and learning for dual-language and bilingual programs. With our collection of multilingual materials and learning tools, teachers have the support they need to promote language acquisition, vocabulary development, bilingual comprehension, and more.

Resources for Every Student

With an extensive collection of leveled and multileveled content available in multiple languages, it's easy to provide developmentally appropriate content to each child. Our multilingual resources allow students to develop bilingual language skills and key 21st century skills simultaneously.

Effective Instruction Tools

We provide an extensive collection of materials in English, Spanish, and French to support instruction for dual-language and bilingual programs. With a full suite of multilingual resources, it's easy for teachers to find differentiated content that supports every student, at every level.

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