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Resources for Dual Language and Bilingual Programs

Dual-Language Classroom

We’re proud to give teachers the support they need to promote dual language acquisition. Our resources and tools provide rich materials for dual language programs.

What does dual language mean? Are dual language programs and bilingual programs the same thing?

The term “dual language” refers to a type of education. Schools throughout the United States offer dual language programs. When students are taught in two languages, they are taking part in dual language education.

Dual language instruction adds a second language for at least half of each school day. Rather than trying to teach students to use English exclusively, this type of education can also be referred to as “bilingual” (which means “two languages”). To be bilingual means being fluent in two languages, so educators prefer to use the term “dual language” to describe many language programs.

In the United States, dual language or bilingual programs are often taught using English and Spanish, but the second (also called “partner”) language can be any language from Arabic to French to Japanese. Most programs start in kindergarten and continue through at least fifth grade.

Does Learning A-Z provide culturally responsive materials to support dual language and bilingual education?

Delivering a huge collection of educational resources to help teachers meet students where they are, Learning A-Z also provides multilingual materials and learning tools that support bilingual language acquisition, vocabulary development, science literacy, and key 21st century skills, with resources designed to engage every student.

We’re also proud that our culturally responsive materials and resources support inclusivity and cultural awareness. For example, our Authentic Spanish books, originally written in Spanish, highlight the cultures of many different Spanish-speaking countries. Additional English resources, such as our Meaningful Conversations sets, support important student needs like Social-Emotional Learning and open dialogues about experiences that affect students everyday.

Does Learning A-Z provide dual language resources for systematic and explicit foundational skills instruction?

Yes. Our curriculum resources are aligned to research-based best practices, delivering powerful tools for building critical foundational skills. Reading A-Z and Raz-Plus offer a wealth of multilingual resources, including a range of Authentic Spanish materials originally written in Spanish, as well as Spanish and French content available in Raz-Kids and Spanish content available in Science A-Z.

From Spanish High-Frequency Word Books to improve fluency and prepare students for reading success (delivering the most commonly used Spanish sight words, essential to fluent reading, in an easy-to-read format) and Spanish Most Common Words Flashcards (to help students practice reading the 270 most commonly used Spanish words, downloadable in groups of 30) to Spanish Alphabet Books and their accompanying resources (to help students learn to identify, name, and write the letters of the alphabet), there’s so much more to help students build fluency and foundational skills than we can describe here!

How do Learning A-Z solutions help build the school-to-home connection?

Empowering online and mobile access to resources and activities, our student portal supports independent practice in class and at home. Our resources motivate students to practice and learn with texts in multiple languages, including audio for modeling fluency, a recording tool to help students build fluency and confidence, interactive annotation and journaling tools, awards, incentives, and so much more.

The Parent Portal offers a convenient way for parents and caregivers to monitor progress and send encouraging messages to students. Plus, our distance learning resources are specifically designed for at-home learning, with materials for families and a parent toolkit available to download, all available in multiple languages. Nothing can compare to the pride and joy parents and families feel when they see their children gaining literacy and foundational skills at school and at home.

Do you have effective research-based instructional tools in multiple languages?

Learning A-Z offers comprehensive instructional materials and content in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, and more. Our resources encourage students to develop and strengthen multiple language skills while simultaneously building key 21st century skills. Assessments and leveled resources support differentiation in multiple languages, enabling teachers to effectively provide developmentally appropriate content to each student, an invaluable addition to any dual language program.

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