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Connect Culture With Literacy Using Our Authentic Spanish Resources

Resources Written in Spanish by Native Spanish Speakers

Your Spanish-speaking students will be delighted by the authentic Spanish resources available on Raz-Plus and Reading A-Z. All authentic leveled texts are originally written in Spanish to build cultural knowledge, foster multicultural understanding, develop Spanish reading skills, and support biliteracy.

Authentic texts reflect the natural style of Spanish writing, and motivate Latino readers by affirming their heritage. Through personal and cultural connections to the book topics, young readers will enjoy seeing themselves and their families and friends reflected in these resources.

For native English speakers in dual-language programs, these resources will expand their understanding of Spanish writing styles and multicultural perspectives. For native Spanish speakers in bilingual and dual-language programs, authentic resources build transferable literacy skills in Spanish with the goal of biliteracy in Spanish and English.

Serie de Libros en Español Auténtico / Authentic Spanish Book Series

Each captivating collection of books within this authentic series is built around a central theme reflecting Spanish-speaking countries and cultures. Multiple levels of difficulty encourage differentiated instruction, while detailed lesson plans, quizzes, discussion cards, and other supplementary materials assist in comprehension, all available in printable, projectable, and digital formats.

Authentic Spanish Series

Biografías / Biographies

Our fascinating collection of Spanish biographies profile accomplished Latino/as. Help your students learn about their own history and traditional culture by allowing them to immerse themselves in stories about great Latino people.

To support differentiated instruction, each biography in the collection is available at three reading levels and is accompanied by support resources, including lesson plans, activities, quizzes, discussion questions, and grammar instruction, to assist in fluency and comprehension. Encourage multicultural understanding by bringing these biographies into your classroom, featuring inspiring historic celebrities like Frida Kahlo, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Celia Cruz, and Lionel Messi.

La vida en Latinoamérica y España / Life in Latin America and Spain

Wondering what it’s like to live in Argentina, Guatemala, or Ecuador? Students can explore eight different countries in the Spanish-speaking world by reading these books. An important part of a Spanish dual-language program, this collection allows readers to observe life in various Spanish-speaking countries through the eyes of fictional characters who live there.

Each title is available at three levels of difficulty and offers its own support resources for instruction, including lesson plans, phonics instruction, grammar activities, maps, discussion questions, quizzes, and more. Foster multicultural understanding while improving comprehension and analytical skills with these cheerful and fascinating books.

Leyendas y Mitos / Legends and Myths

Our authentic Legends and Myths collection introduces students to stories that have been preserved over time from a variety of Spanish-speaking peoples, places, and cultures. Use these wonderful stories to deepen students’ understanding of the history, values, and culture of diverse communities.

Each book in this collection is written at three levels of difficulty, making it easy to differentiate instruction. Every title is accompanied by book-specific support resources including lesson plans, activities, maps, discussion questions, quizzes, phonics instruction, and more. As you help your students immerse themselves in these treasured stories, you’ll be fostering multicultural understanding while building analytical skills.

Evaluaciones en Español / Spanish Assessments

Assess your students' Spanish reading levels with authentic Spanish Benchmark Passages and Running Records.


Pasajes Estándar y Regístros / Spanish Benchmark Passages and Running Records

These short leveled texts are essential tools to help identify the instructional reading level of each of your students. Written originally in Spanish, these passages act as one step in the three-step process of assessing reading behavior and comprehension or determining whether students are prepared to move to the next level. Each level offers one nonfiction and one fiction passage, both on the same general topic and usually 1-2 pages long.

Destrezas de Fundaciones en Español / Spanish Foundational Skills

Don’t miss these essential resources, all created in authentic Spanish!


Canciones y Rimas / Spanish Songs And Rhymes

Motivate your students to listen, read, and sing along with the traditional rhythms and brightly colored illustrations of our Spanish Songs and Rhymes. Originally created in Spanish, these books and fun recordings bring beautiful authentic poems and familiar melodies to your students. Along with their accompanying resources, the songs and rhymes help develop fluency and comprehension. Like our other resources, these can be printed, projected, or used digitally to provide a range of learning opportunities for your students.

Libros Alfabéticos en Español / Spanish Alphabet Books

Fun photos and colorful images introduce students to the letters of the alphabet. One of the most important steps in literacy, these books and their accompanying resources use pictures and words to represent each featured letter.

Tarjetas de Palabras de Alta Frecuencia / Most Common Word Flashcards

Help your students practice the 270 most commonly used Spanish words, including sight words! These flashcards are a fun, simple, effective way to reinforce important vocabulary and learn Spanish language skills.

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