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You Care For Your Students, We Care For You


When challenges arise, we commit to being empathetic to your needs, efficient with your time, and providing effective support to get you back to what matters most-making a difference in the lives of your students. Learning A-Z takes pride in prioritizing the following three pillars:


Leading With Empathy

We know that your job as an educator can be busy and quite overwhelming, which is why we will always remain empathetic to your needs. As such, we commit to providing you with a knowledgeable, experienced customer experience team that provides personalized support to ensure that each of your needs are met.

Helping You Remain Efficient

We understand that your time is both valuable and limited, which is why we are proud to offer customer support to help you remain as efficient as possible. Using our new, digital-first approach, we offer online chat support to help you answer your questions when and where you need it, allowing you to quickly get back to your students.

Maximizing Efficacy

It is our priority to empower teachers to continue making a greater impact in the classroom. To do so, we provide educators with well-informed, affordable K-6 literacy resources and guidance to help you deliver effective differentiated instruction. Outside of professional development resources, sample dialogue, and teacher guides, we also offer our exceptional online chat support to answer any in-the-moment questions to build teacher confidence while increasing instructional efficacy.

Looking for Support?

Our new chat service is here! To access this feature for more support for Learning A-Z products, look for the chat icon on any Learning A-Z webpage!

Have More questions?

Visit our customer support page to access Frequently Asked Questions, chat with us, and more!


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