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Learning A-Z partners with best-in-class technology, research, and assessment organizations to ensure that our products are easy to implement, secure, and effective.

ClassLink logo


ClassLink provides unlimited one-click single sign ons to web and Windows applications and instant access to files on school networks and cloud storage. Learning A-Z offers single sign on through ClassLink for accounts that meet all eligibility requirements..

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Clever simplifies one-click single sign-on integration with learning applications and maps to dozens of SISs. Learning A-Z rosters and provisions accounts through Clever Secure Sync, and offers single sign on through Clever Instant Login for accounts that meet all eligibility requirements.

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iKeepSafe certifies digital products as compliant with state and federal requirements for handling protected personal information. Learning A-Z is COPPA, FERPA, and CSPC iKeepSafe certified.

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IMS Global

IMS Global is a non-profit, member organization that strives to enable the adoption of open architecture, provide seamless user experience, and dramatically reduce integration costs. Learning A-Z is IMS Global OneRoster certified.

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McREL International

McREL is a non-profit, non-partisan education research and development organization that turns knowledge about what works in education into practical, effective guidance and training. Learning A-Z partners with McREL to evaluate the efficacy of our products.

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NWEA is a research-based, non-profit that supports students and educators by creating assessment solutions that precisely measure growth and proficiency. Learning A-Z provides targeted resources and instructional support based on NWEA MAP Growth assessment data.