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Lisa O'Masta


As a strategic change agent and leader committed to serving the education market for over 20 years, Lisa believes that excellence starts by cultivating talented, diverse perspectives to bring effective and engaging products and services to educators and learners.

Aaron Ingold

Senior Vice President, Sales

Aaron is a seasoned educational professional dedicated to establishing strong, long-lasting Learning A-Z relationships with schools and districts. He has 20+ years of experience in coordinating large-scale implementations and leading productive sales teams.

Jaya Yoo

Senior Vice President, Product Development

Jaya has deep experience in designing for K-12 and adult learners. She works with the Learning A-Z team to deliver products with the benefits of innovative tools and services, and that target key customer needs and support positive student outcomes.

Becca Hughes

Vice President, Content Development

Becca’s role ensures that our instructional resources support teachers and in turn lead to student engagement and academic success. With 20+ years of experience in public education and learning-focused organizations, Becca leads a team of content developers and creative experts.

Eron Cummings

Vice President, Engineering

Eron believes that great products begin with great people. The engineering team at Learning A-Z is filled with smart and energetic people committed to our mission. Eron's team ensures that all our amazing resources are reliably delivered to the teacher and student intuitively.

Nateline Judie

Vice President, Sales Enablement

Natealine’s role is to ensure that our sales team has the tools, technology, and training to perform their jobs effectively. She has 20+ years of experience in sales leadership, sales training, and project management. Her team actively supports our sales staff.

Damaris Santiago

Vice President, Strategic Marketing

Damaris plays an active role in bridging the gap between marketing, sales, product, and customer success and works to translate corporate goals into impactful marketing programs. Damaris has 15+ years of experience in Marketing with expertise in demand generation, Product Marketing, and customer advocacy. Her teams ensure Learning A-Z customers have an exceptional experience with the Learning A-Z brand.

Joe Mahon

Vice President, Finance & Operations

As a strategic leader, Joe is committed to fostering a financially sound organization that can serve the immediate and long-term needs of teachers and students. He is fanatical about modernizing financial and operational processes and believes the path to get there is through great people leveraging the right tools. Joe’s professional pursuit is elevating the financial awareness of everyone in the company by revealing the impacts of everyday, operational decisions.

Robert Stucki

Vice President, Customer Enablement

Robert’s role is to ensure that our customers are provided the highest quality experience possible. With 20 years of leadership experience, Robert leads a team of professionals dedicated to ensuring a positive customer experience.

Benjamin Hinton

Managing Director, International Sales

Ben has created and developed a global channel for our products and collections to help children thrive. Under Ben's guidance, Learning A-Z's international footprint has grown significantly, and our products are now used in 170+ countries.

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