Patrick Marcotte


Patrick’s mission is to develop and implement products that help teachers and students reach their full potential. With a background in evidence-based instructional design and 10+ years of experience serving the K-12 market, he is committed to promoting literacy for all students.

Paul Littlewood

Senior Vice President, Sales

Paul is a seasoned educational professional dedicated to establishing Learning A-Z's strong, long-lasting relationships with schools and districts. This emphasis is carried throughout his team of sales and training professionals.

Bob Holl


With 40+ years of combined classroom and educational publishing experience, Bob has lived and breathed education. He recognizes the importance of quality instruction and is passionate about developing resources that optimize learning.

Lisa Jabara-May

Vice President, Marketing and Product Management

Lisa ensures that Learning A-Z products are crafted with the customer in mind and communicated clearly and vibrantly through web, social, and print mediums. With 20+ years of ed tech experience, Lisa leads a team of marketing and product experts.

Gawain Douglas

Vice President, Publishing

Gawain's role is to ensure that every Learning A-Z resource instills the same amount of creativity that went into creating it. With 20+ years of experience working in print and design, Gawain leads a team of creative experts.

Robert Stucki

Vice President, Customer and Sales Success

Robert’s role is to ensure that our customers are provided the highest quality experience possible. With 20 years of leadership experience, Robert leads a team of professionals dedicated to ensuring a positive customer experience.

Marta Leon

Senior Director, Research and Evaluation

Marta and her team conduct formative and summative evaluations of Learning A-Z resources to help ensure that students meet intended learning goals. Research and Evaluation makes certain that Learning A-Z products are instructionally effective and backed by reliable data.

Jennifer Nigh

Director, Professional Learning Services

As a past teacher with a passion for literacy, Jennifer’s role is to help educators put product into practice. Under Jennifer’s guidance, the Professional Learning team collaborates with thousands of educators around the world to impact student learning.

Chris Holoka

Director, Engineering

Chris's role is to ensure Learning A-Z products are constantly updated to provide a rewarding eLearning experience. With more than 20 years as an education technology professional, Chris leads our team of developers and UX experts.

Benjamin Hinton

Vice President, International Sales

Ben has created and developed a global channel for our products and collections to help children thrive. Under Ben's guidance, Learning A-Z's international footprint has grown significantly, and our products are now used in 170+ countries.