Kids A-Z Is Where Kids Go to Learn and Teachers Go to Manage

An Engaging eLearning Environment and Teacher Management Hub

Kids A-Z overview

Learning A-Z offers a variety of eLearning resources that students access online. Kids A-Z is a kid-friendly learning portal where students go to access all their eLearning materials in an interactive online environment. In addition, the website also provides an easy-to-navigate hub that teachers use to manage their students, create custom assignments, and track individual and class-wide progress.

  • Provide all eLearning resources and tools for students in one kid-friendly learning environment.
  • Keep students motivated and engaged with built-in incentives and rewards students can use to customize their Star Zone.
  • Easily update or edit classroom rosters, create eLearning assignments, and score student submissions all in one place.
  • Quickly track all student and class-wide progress and skill development with optimized online reports.

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  • We use Raz-Plus, Vocabulary A-Z, and Writing A-Z daily, and students are engaged, encouraged, and love using all the resources.
    Amy Klopp, ESL Teacher
    Andrew T Morrow Elementary School; Central Islap UFSD, New York