Kids A-Z Is Where Kids Go to Learn and Teachers Go to Manage

An Engaging eLearning Environment and Teacher Management Hub

Kids A-Z overview

Learning A-Z offers a variety of eLearning resources that students access online. Kids A-Z is a kid-friendly learning portal where students go to access all their eLearning materials in an interactive online environment. In addition, the website also provides an easy-to-navigate hub that teachers use to manage their students, create custom assignments, and track individual and class-wide progress.

  • Provide all eLearning resources and tools for students in one kid-friendly learning environment.
  • Keep students motivated and engaged with built-in incentives and rewards students can use to customize their Star Zone.
  • Easily update or edit classroom rosters, create eLearning assignments, and score student submissions all in one place.
  • Quickly track all student and class-wide progress and skill development with optimized online reports.

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Retail Price is for 1-9 classrooms or families/homes. For 10+ classrooms, contact us for volume pricing.


  • "My 4-year-old daughter has been using the Kids A-Z app since she was 2, and today she fluently reads beyond her age level. Hearing words being read to her and seeing them being highlighted has helped her recognize sight words and how letter sounds combine to create words."
    Erin Taliaferro, Parent and Former Teacher