Kids A-Z eLearning Environment

Engaging Online Content and Resources Students Can Use Anytime, Anywhere

Kids A-Z's eLearning environment provides an interactive learning experience to keep students excited to log in and learn each day. Through this space-themed portal, students can easily access all the digital learning resources they have access to in one place.

Kids A-Z planet icon

Product Planets

Each Learning A-Z product that includes eLearning resources has a planet students visit to access learning materials, including eBooks, interactive writing tools, and more.

Kids A-Z Message icon

Message Center

Teachers and parents can use the Kids A-Z message center to send encouraging messages and reminders to help keep students motivated to continually make learning gains.

Kids A-Z start icon

Star Zone

The Star Zone is where students go to redeem stars earned for successfully completing assignments to customize their Raz Rocket or build their personal robot avatar.