Kids A-Z Features

Online Student Learning Resources and Teacher Management Tools

Kids A-Z delivers an engaging learning experience for students while saving time for teachers by providing all of their management, assignment, and reporting all in one place. The website makes it easy for students to access multiple eLearning resources and provides the digital reports that educators need to inform their instruction.

Kids A-Z features

eLearning Environment

Makes learning rewarding and fun with a space-themed layout that provides all the eLearning resources and tools students have at their disposal.

Teacher Management Controls

Save time with optimized management, assignment, and review features — all easily accessible online 24-7.

Secure Student and Teacher Login

Ensure student and teacher data is secure with encrypted login protection.

Comprehensive Digital Reporting

Provides insights regarding activity, progress, and skill development across eLearning resources students have access to.

Built-In Incentives and Rewards

Award stars to students for successfully completing assignments and making learning gains that can be redeemed in the student Star Zone.