Kids A-Z Overview

Learn About Kids A-Z’s Interactive eLearning Environment and Teacher Management Portal

Kids A-Z is an online portal where students go to learn and teachers go to manage. Watch this video to learn how students use Kids A-Z to access all their Learning A-Z eLearning resources and how teachers use the management portal to easily roster students, create assignments, score submissions, and track progress across multiple products all in one place.

Welcome to Kids A-Z, where students go to learn, teachers go to manage, and parents go to stay connected! Kids A-Z gives you an integrated, online platform to use with all student-facing Learning A-Z products.

Students use Kids A-Z to access all their online learning materials-in class, at home, or on the go. Your students will love the two age-appropriate designs: the fun and intuitive space theme for emerging readers, and the more sophisticated, customizable theme for older students!

In addition to books and resources, Kids A-Z also offers students interactive tools and learning experiences tailored for each product. These tools engage students in their learning and help them build key 21st century skills. Kids A-Z also offers built-in rewards and incentives that will motivate your students to complete more learning activities. Students earn stars that they can redeem to customize their own avatar or Raz Rocket environment. And students can earn badges for achieving specific milestones in each product!

For teachers, Kids A-Z offers an easy-to-use hub to manage student learning. Kids A-Z management tools allow teachers to: customize the student experience, create and edit classroom rosters, monitor student progress, and more! Kids A-Z also delivers comprehensive reporting for all your Learning A-Z products, providing valuable data to inform instruction.

For parents, Kids A-Z provides a Parent Portal, where parents can monitor their child's progress and send encouraging messages. The Parent Portal is a great way to ensure that students, parents, and educators are all working toward common goals.

Kids A-Z was created to help make learning fun for your students and to save you time, so you can spend more doing what you do best- making an impact on children's lives!

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