Features and Incentives in the Student Portal

Earn Stars, Build an Avatar, and Enjoy the Personalized Reading Room

Check out these cool features in the student portal and get your students excited about learning! We have new incentives, student options, and instructional resources to help you keep kids motivated.

Students can customize their own avatars in the student portal and when they complete activities to earn stars, they unlock even more options to customize their experience. Enjoy the updated Reading Room, which allows students to find books by topic, category, or popularity and to save books they like for future reading. Learning A-Z badges encourage students to reach their reading goals, helping you keep them engaged all year long.

Get your students excited about learning this school year with new incentives, student choices, and instructional resources from Learning A-Z.

Students can now customize their own avatars in the student portal! The more stars a student earns for completing activities, the more options they have to build an avatar just for them!

The student portal now offers two designs: students can enjoy a cool new customizable experience, or they can use the original space theme.

The Raz-Plus and Raz-Kids Reading Room looks better than ever! Your students can now find books easily by topic, category, or popularity. They can even save books they like for future reading.

Motivate your students with incentives: once they’ve reached a goal, they're rewarded with new Learning A-Z badges.

Teachers get new choices too, including new Spanish resources, more close read passages, and science storylines.

With these new resources, and so many new ways to motivate your students, you can keep your students excited about learning all year long!

More Choices. Greater Engagement. Learning A-Z.

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