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Support Hybrid Learning With Learning A-Z

Thousands of Resources and Tools Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

The COVID-19 pandemic transformed education in the United States, leading many schools to adopt a hybrid learning model, with students learning both in the classroom and at home. Ideally suited to hybrid education, Learning A-Z products help students succeed in reading, writing, language arts, vocabulary, and science, while gaining crucial 21st century skills. For students, caregivers, teachers, and school leaders navigating these new developments in education, Learning A-Z products are the perfect tools to keep students engaged and excited about learning.

What Is Hybrid Learning?

Many uncertainties remain about how classrooms will work this year and moving forward, but one popular option continues to be hybrid learning. In a hybrid learning model, some students attend class in person, while others attend class through a virtual platform. Using video conferencing tools and other forms of technology, teachers can instruct students in a classroom, at home, or both at the same time. This type of education model is also sometimes referred to as blended learning.

In some schools, groups of students may attend class on alternating days to encourage social distancing, taking class at home on the other days. Other schools may give students and caregivers the option to take class online whenever they choose.

According to the CDC, the lowest risk of COVID-19 spread in schools results from students engaging in virtual-only classes, events, and activities. Risk increases with small in-person classes, events, and activities. A hybrid learning model including virtual and in-person instruction with staggered and rotated scheduling accommodates small class sizes.

The highest COVID-19 risk at school comes from full-size, in-person classes. With CDC guidelines warning against such gatherings, the future may point to a online or hybrid learning models, which have additional benefits beyond safety, like the ability to personalize instruction for students at different levels, the flexibility to use a variety of resource formats, seamless monitoring of student progress, and accessibility of learning tools anytime, anywhere.

What Does Hybrid Learning Look Like?

Education Week details four types of hybrid learning models as potential models for schools now and in the future:

  1. In-person attendance for students with specialized needs, including: low-income or vulnerable students, students in special education, English language learners, students in foster care, or students who are homeless. All other students are remote learners.
  2. Students attend school for core courses like math, science, English, social studies/history and, in some cases, foreign language. Electives are taken online.
  3. Elementary students receive in-person instruction. High school students learn remotely.
  4. Students have a split schedule: half of the day online, half at school. Students are divided into groups with staggered schedules to maintain social distancing while at school.

With most hybrid learning models, the digital component plays a significant or even dominant role. Luckily, at Learning A-Z, digital is our cornerstone. In the classroom and at home, Learning A-Z digital products support hybrid learning models perfectly, while helping teachers meet the needs of all students.

How Can Learning A-Z Products Be Used for Hybrid Learning?

Reaching every student effectively within a hybrid learning model requires the right teaching tools. Learning A-Z hybrid learning tools help educators teach core curriculum subjects in fun ways that students of all ages respond to. When they enjoy learning, students also retain information better and demonstrate greater success in learning objectives.

Flexibility in a Variety of Formats

Learning A-Z digital products are delivered completely online, so teachers, students, and caregivers can access them from any connected device. With a smartphone, students can even learn on the go, giving them more fun ways to learn and gain knowledge.

Resources can also be printed, projected, and used anywhere, saving teachers time and ensuring at-home students have access to whatever they need at all times.

Leveled Resources

Managing students at different learning levels and in different locations can be challenging for instructors. With digital leveled resources, teachers can easily make sure every student is learning at the best pace for them, wherever they are. No one is overlooked or left behind, while advanced students have no limit on how far they can progress.

Thousands of Resources and Tools

Every classroom is unique. Learning A-Z offers an extensive library of tools and resources that helps teachers customize instruction to the particular needs of their students. Instructors can instantly access resources that meet a variety of teaching settings, including teaching small groups, whole classrooms, and individual students.

Learning Is Always Available

Ensure students don’t miss a beat in their education. Learning A-Z hybrid learning platforms give students access to educational materials 24/7, with a huge library of developmentally appropriate learning materials at their fingertips, wherever they have an internet connection.

Learning A-Z Supports Parents and Caregivers

In hybrid learning models, as the role of parents and caregivers in education becomes more important, you can depend on Learning A-Z tools and platforms to keep students learning at home up to date with lessons and coursework. Our products feature an easy-to-use design, so caregivers can confidently provide educational support at home.

Progress Reporting and Monitoring

Learning A-Z comes with built-in progress reporting and monitoring. Teachers can see students’ progress with at-home and in-class learning. Easy to use and interpret, these reports save teachers time and increase transparency for students and parents.

Use Learning A-Z for Hybrid Learning Success

Learning A-Z offers thousands of digital resources, including leveled reading books, leveled science books and science experiments, vocabulary lessons, mobile reading programs, writing resources, English language learner resources and so much more.

As schools transition to hybrid learning models, ensure students have access to educational materials they’ll love using. Make learning enjoyable in the classroom, at home, and wherever students learn, with hybrid learning tools from Learning A-Z.

See how Learning A-Z can help your students succeed with hybrid learning!

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