Raz-Kids Best-in-Class Leveled Books and Quizzes

Differentiated Texts at 29 Levels of Difficulty

Raz-Kids provides students with instant access to a library of developmentally appropriate texts designed to strengthen their reading and comprehension skills. Every eBook is leveled using Learning A-Z's proprietary algorithm that ensures the text provides an appropriately difficult and engaging reading experience.

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What Our Leveled Books Do

Raz-Kids' leveled books provide effective, differentiated reading practice for every student, at every reading level. eBooks can be assigned by a teacher or self-selected by students. Each text delivers a variety of reading opportunities designed to promote the reading and comprehension skills students need to thrive in the classroom and beyond.

How Our Books Are Leveled

Each Raz-Kids eBook is meticulously leveled using Learning A-Z's best-in-class leveling algorithm that applies qualitative measures and quantitative measures to ensure an appropriate reading experience for each student.

Why Our Leveled Books Get Results

Raz-Kids' leveled eBooks provide an engaging, interactive reading experience that makes practicing reading fun. With a variety of fiction and nonfiction genres in each reading level, Raz-Kids' eBooks strengthen connections in literacy and content-area instruction, and allow students to read texts at their level and in their areas of interest anytime, anywhere.


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