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Raz-Kids Personalized eLearning Experience

An Interactive Environment that Makes Learning Fun

Students using Raz-Kids log in to an eLearning environment designed to keep them motivated and engaged as they practice and develop reading skills each day. The online environment makes it easy for students to access texts available at their reading level, and provides digital reports and insights that help teachers drive future instruction.

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The Reading Room

The Reading Room is a digital library where students can select the developmentally appropriate titles they want to read at their own pace. Each book provides opportunities for students to listen to the book read aloud, read at their own pace using annotation and vocabulary-building tools and features to promote critical thinking and close reading, and record themselves reading the book to demonstrate fluency.

Comprehension Quizzes

Each eBook a student reads is followed by a corresponding comprehension quiz that includes a set of multiple-choice questions, as well as a constructed response question focused on the main theme or idea in the book. Each question is tagged to a corresponding comprehension skill, as well as aligned to CCSS standards. When the student completes the quiz, a digital reading skill report is instantly available for review by the teacher in the Kids A-Z student management hub.

Teacher Controls

The Raz-Kids student management area gives teachers options of assigning a self-paced book level assignment or creating a custom assignment. They can also review reports, listen to student recordings, and send messages to their students.

Incentives and Awards

Students receive stars for successfully completing reading assignments and self-selected titles. These stars can then be redeemed in the Kids A-Z Star Zone, where kids can customize their own Raz Rocket or create a personal robot avatar.

Digital Reporting

All student eLearning activity is tracked and reported to teachers through the Kids A-Z management hub. Teachers can quickly review a student's recent activity, assignment progress, assessment results, and individual skill outcomes.


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