Science A-Z Hands-On Science Activities and Experiments

Opportunities to Put Science into Practice

Science A-Z provides a number of resources and opportunities to expand instruction beyond reading text with kid-friendly hands-on activities, experiments, and projects. Students develop the practices used by real scientists and engineers, and are given opportunities to direct their own learning through open-ended, inquiry-based challenges.

Science A-Z activities

Engaging Activities and Science Experiments

Science A-Z allows teachers to provide engaging learning opportunities through a collection of kid-friendly activities and experiments that extend unit instruction. Each Science A-Z unit provides at least one Process Activity that includes a materials list, procedures, data sheets, and questions that teach students to make observations, analyze data, and draw conclusions.

An Inquiry-Based Approach to Science and Engineering

Science A-Z FOCUS Books culminate with an inquiry-based activity prompt that allows students to apply scientific and engineering practices. Other Science A-Z resources suggest ways that teachers can challenge students to ask questions and pursue answers.

Science Fair Ideas and Resources

Science fairs foster students' natural curiosity and allow them to pursue answers to authentic questions. Science A-Z offers a comprehensive suite of resources that provides everything a classroom needs for a successful science fair. Resources include project ideas for students and parents, teaching guides, a student guide, and a scoring rubric for judges.

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Science A-Z used globally

Science A-Z is used globally in more than 50,000 classrooms.