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Raz-Plus Digital and Mobile Learning

Improving the School-to-Home Connection with Leveled eBooks and Additional Reading Resources

With the help of technology, students have access 24/7 to learning resources like never before. Raz-Plus provides more than 3,000 leveled books and additional reading resources in computer-based and mobile formats to deliver purposeful, personalized reading practice to each student.


Kids A-Z eLearning Area

Kids A-Z is an online platform where students go for high-quality reading practice. Leveled eBooks can be assigned by the teacher or accessed independently, and allow students to listen to the book read aloud, read the book at their own pace, record themselves reading the book, and take a comprehension quiz.

Teacher Controls

Teachers can easily control students' eLearning experience through the Kids A-Z management hub. They can also create custom assignments from their teacher management portal or directly from wherever an assignable resource appears on the Raz-Plus teacher website.

Digital Reporting

All online reading activity is securely tracked and reported to the teacher through online data-driven reports. Using the Kids A-Z management hub, teachers can view real-time activity, progress, and skill reports for individual students or the whole class.

Incentives and Awards

Students receive stars for reading eBooks and ePassages and passing comprehension quizzes. Stars can be redeemed online to either build a personalized robot avatar or purchase items used to customize their own space rocket.


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