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Special Education Resources

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We Deliver the Resources and Tools Special Education Programs Need to be Successful

Learning A-Z is an ideal source for effective developmentally appropriate resources for Special Education programs. Our products provide a wealth of materials that are easily matched to students' developmental level, and can be customized for any Special Education program and Individualized Education Program (IEP).

Differentiated Instruction

Our products provide resources that fuel differentiated instruction, a vital element to any Special Education program or IEP. With our products, teachers can customize their instruction to suit the specific learning needs of every student and take advantage of their unique learning strengths.

Student Motivation

Our interactive eLearning environment contains incentives and rewards designed to keep students motivated and engaged each day. Students have the ability to redeem stars awarded for successfully completing assignments and tasks to customize their own rocket or robot avatar, and can easily view their progress through the student dashboard.

Student Assessment and Reporting

Our products offer a number of personalized assessment opportunities that allow teachers to monitor progress and ensure students are making sufficient learning gains. Digital reporting allows teachers to easily track each student's progress and quickly determine future instruction needs.

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