Increase Student Engagement With Raz-Plus

Provide Motivating Incentives For Student Success

Having trouble keeping your students engaged? Don't worry, we can help! With Raz-Plus, struggling to captivate your students will be a thing of the past. Offering a space-themed student portal, students are able to read engaging books, take quizzes, complete digital assignments, and earn badges and stars! But don’t just take our word for it! Get the 411 about Raz-Plus below.

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Supporting Personalized Reading

Reading Room

What is the Reading Room?

The Reading Room provides a library of resources for students to quickly find relevant, exciting content. All books in the Reading Room are organized into dozens of topics, including Animals, Strange and Wacky, Explorers, and more! Students are easily able to find books by selecting the topics that most interest them.

In addition, the home page dynamically personalizes content for students based on their activity, interests, and reading level, and allows students to “favorite” books for easy access later

How Do Students Use It?

The Reading Room makes it easier than ever for students to quickly find appropriate books by topic, category, and popularity. The home page dynamically displays books students have accessed recently, the most popular books at their reading level (based on student feedback), and books students have marked as favorites.

Motivating Students With Incentives & Awards

Students earn stars for practice, completion, or success with different activities. Once earned, stars are used to purchase fun items to personalize their own rocket or avatar.

Star System

Star System

Students earn stars across all of Learning A-Z's resources that students access through Kids A-Z.



Students earn badges for achieving milestones.

  • Students can see the progress they are making toward each badge from the My Stats area on their dashboard.
  • Unearned badges will appear in gray and turn to color when earned.
  • Students will see a celebratory animation upon earning a badge.
  • Teachers can present students with printed versions of badges to further celebrate achievement.

Avatar Builder

Students can create a custom avatar that helps to personalize their online experience.

Raz Rocket

Raz Rocket

Students create a room inside their Raz Rocket with aliens, furniture, equipment, plants, robots, and other items they might want in their space-themed environment.

  • Teachers enable the Raz Rocket from the Roster for the whole class or individual student pages.
  • Students use earned stars to buy items from the catalog to personalize their Raz Rocket.

Awards and Certificates

Downloadable and printable awards and certificates encourage students and help them celebrate their achievements.

Raz-Plus is a game-changer for literacy instruction that makes learning fun and engaging! As your students embark on their learning journeys, Raz-Plus is prepared to support them, one book at a time. Learn more about how this solution can support literacy instruction in your classroom and increase student engagement

Learning’s Never Been This Fun!

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