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Helping Students Advance Reading Practice With Ease

As a Raz-Plus customer, you have access to flexible digital and printable resources, a library of engaging content, and our captivating student portal. Equipped with many different exciting functions, this portal and its features are an integral part of why Raz-Plus makes such an impact on classrooms all around the world while keeping students engaged. Of those features is Level Up! Let’s take a deep dive into Level Up! and the influence it has on students.

Student Portal on Laptop

What is the Student Portal?

Before talking about Level Up!, we want to highlight why the Raz-Plus student portal is so effective at capturing students’ attention and motivating them to read. This user-friendly space-themed portal allows students to select reading level-appropriate books for independent practice and enjoyment in their own personalized Reading Room. Students earn stars and badges and can customize their avatars, rocket ships, and more! As students read more, they reach milestones and are rewarded accordingly, making reading fun, captivating, and rewarding for students at all levels.

What is “Level Up!”?

As they explore the student portal, readers will discover Level Up!, a game-based collection of books that students can complete automatically to advance to the next Learning A-Z reading level. Once they listen to or read all the books and pass the comprehension quizzes with a score of 80% or higher, students will automatically Level Up! This feature allows students to work and advance at their own pace, assisting in differentiated learning and empowering students to achieve more at their own pace.

Level Up! Section on iPad
Level Up! Section on iPad

Producing Positive Learning Outcomes

Level Up! empowers students to advance on their learning journey while getting excited about reading! When classrooms use Level Up!, they:

  • Engage students in independent reading time
  • Motivate students to master achievable challenges
  • Expose students to both fiction and nonfiction texts
  • Build a love of reading one book at a time

Level Up! truly motivates students with excitement, allowing them to thrive. When paired with the other fun features available within Raz-Plus such as its Star Zone, Badges, and more, students are consistently engaged, driving improved student outcomes.

Literacy Meets Motivation & Excitement

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