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Vocabulary A-Z Game-Based Practice Students Love


Students practice vocabulary, spelling, and phonics by completing game-based activities and quizzes that dynamically incorporate assigned lessons and make learning fun, while helping students expand their skills and improve reading comprehension. With online and mobile access to Vocabulary A-Z, students can complete assignments in class and at home.

Practice Made Playful

Students access assigned lessons through the Kids A-Z mobile app or student portal. Each assignment includes a range of game-based activities that students can choose from to practice vocabulary, spelling, and phonics in a way that’s fun!

Here are just a few of the included practice activities:

Hang Mouse Educational Game


Name each term by filling in letters one at a time, similar to a traditional hangman game.

Match It Definitions Educational Game

MatchIt Definitions

Match words from spelling and vocabulary word lists with definitions.

Match It Sentences Educational Game

MatchIt Sentences

Match words from spelling and vocabulary word lists with contextually correct sentences.

Memory Match Educational Game

Memory Match

Match the vocabulary word to either a picture, synonym, antonym, or definition.

Word-O-Rama Educational Game


Choose the correct spelling and vocabulary word for each clue read to students.

Word Unscramble Educational Game

Word Unscramble

Click and drag letters to rearrange them and correctly spell words from their spelling or vocabulary lists.

Speedy Speller Educational Game

Speedy Speller

Listen to a word and then type the correct spelling of the word as fast as possible.

Aim 2 Spell Educational Game

Aim 2 Spell

Select one letter at a time to correctly spell each word from the assigned list.

Silly Bulls Educational Game

Silly Bulls

Listen and sort words according to the number of syllables in the word.

Word Counter Educational Game

Word Counter

Listen to a sentence and decide how many words are in the sentence.

All activities emphasize definitions and context sentences through engaging audio and imagery. Once students have successfully completed practice exercises, they can access and complete a quiz for that lesson.


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