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Support for ELLs

Specifically Designed Resources for English Language Development

Raz-Plus ELL is specifically designed to support reading, listening, speaking, and writing skill development. With these content-based and thematic-based resources, teachers can easily provide explicit instruction and practice with level-appropriate skills and strategies.

Teacher and student using ELL resources

Reading and Listening Support

Our ELL resources work in conjunction with Raz-Plus leveled reading materials to develop ELLs' reading and listening skills. Resources include opportunities for students to work collaboratively with their peers and in one-to-one environments with their teacher.

Writing and Speaking Support

Writing and speaking skills are critical to achieving English language proficiency. Our ELL resources offer opportunities for students to organize their thinking and practice their writing and communication skills.

Grammar Support

Raz-Plus ELL includes specifically designed resources that allow ELLs to practice and apply grammar skills often. Application of grammar skills includes using consumable materials including worksheets and printed books.


Raz-Plus ELL assessments allow teachers to track students' language skills progress at key points in the school year. Assessments provide in-depth information about students' progress across the domains of speaking, writing, reading, and listening.


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Each Raz-Plus ELL license requires an active Raz-Plus license. Complimentary product trials for Raz-Plus ELL include Raz-Plus. Have questions about ordering? Visit our Support Center for answers.