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Federal Funding Opportunities:

The federal government recently passed three stimulus packages totaling approximately $190 billion in funding for U.S. K-12 public schools, collectively known as Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER).

Learning A-Z offers effective, engaging solutions for K-5 students eligible for purchase with ESSER funds.



Between March 2020 and March 2021, the federal government passed three relief packages designed in part to support K-12 schools through the COVID-19 pandemic. Collectively, these three packages provided over $190 billion in aid to schools through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief funds, or ESSER. The funds from these programs must be obligated for use by September 2022, September 2023, and September 2024, respectively, with the largest funding source coming from the most recent legislation, known as the American Rescue Plan ($126 billion).

ESSER funds are divided into three sub funds, ESSER I, II, and III aligned with each of the relief packages. School districts may use the funds for any activity permitted under other federal education law, with the exception of 20% of ESSER III, which must be used to address learning loss through evidence based interventions that respond to students' social, emotional, and academic needs.

Learning A-Z offers a number of award-winning, engaging solutions that may be purchased through ESSER funds. Start your FREE trial today!

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Learning A-Z offers award-winning, ESSER-approved solutions that are thoughtfully designed and literacy-focused. Our resources are created in accordance with research-based best practices and leveled to meet the needs of all students. Districts, schools, and teachers can use ESSER funds for 12 different scenarios. Five of these scenarios align perfectly with Learning A-Z products:

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Individual Approach to Literacy

We provide principals and school leaders with the award-winning distance-learning products necessary to address the needs of individual schools' approach to literacy.

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Operations & Service Continuity

We help maintain the operations and continuity of services in Local Education Agencies (LEAs) by providing agile learning tools differentiated for each learner.

operations and service continuity
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Diverse & At-Risk Populations

Our products address the unique needs of diverse and at-risk student populations. Providing student-specific leveled tools and accompanying data, Learning A-Z resources inform instructional processes with reporting tools available to all stakeholders.

diverse and at-risk populations
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Educational Technology Resources

Our sales professionals assist you with the purchasing, strategic planning, and implementation of our educational technology resources to help you maximize the potential of our powerful products.

educational technology resources
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eLearning & After-School Programs

We help guide the planning and implementation of robust eLearning activities supporting summer learning and after-school programs for at-risk and minority students.

eLearning and after-school programs
Across the country, students, teachers and families are proving that learning can and does happen anywhere. By extending additional funding flexibility to schools, we are helping to ensure student learning continues and supporting teachers as they transition to virtual classrooms. Local leaders have asked for the ability to steer more resources to local needs, and these new tools will help them do just that.

~ Former U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos


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