Summer Learning Video Series: Following an Author

Reading Multiple Books by the Same Author, With Sandi Reyes

National Curriculum Consultant, Sandi Reyes, loves to read multiple books by the same author. Whether it's informational texts about a subject you're interested in or a fiction series that features the same set of familiar characters, reading books by the same author can be really engaging and fun. When reading with your kids, find an author that they like and look for more books by that same author to keep the reading fun going!

Hi. I'm Sandi Reyes, and I'm a National Curriculum Consultant with learning A to Z. And my teaching tip is, try to find an author that you love to read, and read as much of that author's works as you possibly can. This really helps you dive into the way that that author writes, his craft, the illustrations that he or she uses -- you can even find reading series' where the author uses the same set of characters over and over again. I personally love this when I read; the characters become like my friends. And I get to follow them on their journey.

But if you like informational text -- nonfiction -- you can do this same thing. Authors have certain styles that they use in their books, and you'll find certain styles that you like. You can also find books written on the same topic, but about different things. So maybe you want to study the biomes in the habitats across the whole world -- find an author who's written multiple books on different biomes. No matter what you do, if you're reading multiple books by an author, you're going to find it a much richer and fun experience that you'll look forward to every day.

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