Summer Learning Video Series: School-to-Home Connection

Making Connections Between School and Home Learning, With Katie Moore

Keep learning exciting whether students are at school or at home. Katie Moore, Executive Editor at Learning A-Z, shares some tips for both parents and teachers to keep kids engaged in learning, and make connections between school and home, like integrating new words into your day-to-day conversations to build vocabulary and encouraging storytelling to ensure future writing success!

Hi. I'm Katie Moore, and I'm an Executive Editor here at Learning A to Z. And as a former teacher, and also as a mom of three little boys, I always have ideas kind of running through my mind about how to keep learning exciting for the kids, and how to keep them engaged in learning, not only when they're at school, but also when they're home from school.

So the first quick tip is to use big words. Don't shy away from using big words, even with your youngest children. Helping them understand what the word means and moving on, repeating that word over time, you'll be surprised when you hear them come back and use that word correctly.

So a lot of times, kids also want to tell their own stories. And that's something that can help keep their imagination going, they can remember things that they learned from stories and apply it to their own stories, and that's going to help them become better writers in the future, too. So if your kids are imagining a story and they're telling you about it, get into that world with them; become imaginative with them, and kind of share your ideas with them, too, and ask them questions about their imaginary world. That level of imagination is really going to help them when they go back to school and they're expected to do some writing on their own.

And the most important tip of all is to make sure that your kids are excited and have fun, and find success reading. So help them find success, help them get excited about it, and have some fun reading this summer.

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