Summer Learning Video Series: Read Alouds

How Read Alouds Build Fluency and Comprehension, With Courtney Lofgren

Learning A-Z Editor, Courtney Lofgren, talks about the benefits of read alouds during the summer when students are away from school. Read alouds help build comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary skills, and allow parents and teachers to model fluent reading. If you need help finding exciting stories for read alouds, Courtney provides some resources that you can try today!

Hi, I'm Courtney Lofgren and I'm an editor at learning A to Z. And I'm here to talk to you a little bit about read alouds, which are a great way to engage your child in fun, exciting stories. There are many benefits to using read alouds during the summer when your child is away from school. You can help them build their comprehension skills, fluency skills, and expand their vocabulary through read alouds. As they listen to you read, they'll have a better idea of what it means to read with expression and at a fluent rate. Read alouds can be done with students at any age or grade level. It doesn't matter if you're working with a first grader or a fifth grader. They love to listen to adults read alouds to them.

You may be thinking, how can I find texts to help my child with read alouds. There are lots of opportunities to find texts all around. You can visit the public library or the school library. You probably have some books lying around at home, or if your child has access to the reading A to Z library, there are tons of levelled readers and texts that they can explore. With busy schedules, it might be hard for you to find time to do read alouds with your child, but you'll only need 15 minutes each day. You should build it into your daily routine. You could read before breakfast, after lunch or during your bedtime routine. My favorite part about read alouds is that they really help children develop a love of reading while they build their literacy skills. When you read fun engaging text to your child, they're going to build a joy for reading and want to continue to read and be lifelong learners.

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