Summer Learning Video Series: Non-Fiction Books

Find Books That Take You to New Places, With Laura Zwickl

Laura Zwickl, Product Training Manager at Learning A-Z, talks about how non-fiction books can build social studies skills, map skills, and comprehension skills, while having fun learning about new places. She and her son are reading a book about Brazil and discovering traditional Brazilian recipes and music. Bringing books to life is a great way to build engagement and make summer reading fun! You can find a variety of non-fiction texts on Raz-Kids, Raz-Plus, and Reading A-Z.

Hi, my name is Laura Zwickl, and I'm a Product Training Manager at Learning A-Z. One thing that I love to do during the summer, is find books that bring me to new places, for example, my son, and I have just found a book about Brazil and we are having so much fun learning about Brazil. As we're reading the book, we're picking out our favorite foods, we'll find foods and say, "Oh, we should try this recipe." Or "What do you think it tastes like?" We're learning about the different songs of Brazil, we're learning about the different regions of Brazil, but it's really fun to have that engagement with books and really bring them to life because you can learn about other places and reading will take you to other places. This will also build up your social studies skills, map skills, comprehension skills, and reading nonfiction text because as you're reading it, you're really learning about how to look for information and how to pull information from those books. These are just all different ways that you can really build fun this summer, you can build excitement, you can build a love of reading, a love of different types of books. Just take some chances with some new books and have fun with your child or student.

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