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The Learning A-Z Donation Challenge in Collaboration With UNICEF Kid Power® is Back

If you’re in the process of implementing both the Science of Reading (SoR) and social-emotional learning (SEL), then it is probably no secret that student engagement is a crucial contribution to success. 

This spring’s Learning A-Z Donation Challenge in collaboration with UNICEF Kid Power proved, once again, to be a huge success with students worldwide!

Here are the results from this Spring’s challenge:

donation update
stars donated

1.8 Billion
Stars Donated

total donations

Total Donations

meals donated

Healthy Meals Donated

water donated

1.2 Million
Days of Clean Drinking Water Donated

And Now, the Winners!

We are pleased to announce that two classrooms won the Spring 2022 Learning A-Z Donation Challenge! Help us congratulate the two winning classrooms:

Taylor Papotto’s first-grade class
Colonel John Robinson School
Westford Public School District
Westford, MA

Katherine Ho’s class
Brookview Middle School
Toronto District School Board
Ontario, Canada

Each classroom will write a book about focusing on being helpful and kind. We look forward to releasing these books in the fall!

To earn the stars they donated, students participated in activities intended to strengthen literacy skills such as reading books, taking quizzes, and more in the following Learning A-Z products:

Why Teachers Love This Challenge

During every Learning A-Z Donation Challenge with UNICEF Kid Power students who participate in the challenge (when compared to non-participating students):

  • Read more than three times as many books
  • Completed four times the activities
  • Advanced in reading levels faster
We Are Marvelous! Book

Have You Shared The Book Written By Last Year’s Winning Classroom Students?

Last year’s challenge winners, the class of Rachel Paterson at Kori Nevers Gakuin Elementary School in Japan, co-authored a book with Learning A-Z titled "We Are Marvelous.” This book celebrated all of the things that made their classroom special. We are so proud to congratulate Rachel Paterson’s students and their incredible contributions!


How It Works:

In the United States, Learning A-Z students can donate healthy meals to U.S. families in need:

  • 1 Donation of 8,000 stars = 1 meal
  • 1 Donation of 20,000 stars = 1 mega* meal (i.e. 3 meals)

Learning A-Z students outside the U.S. can donate clean drinking water to families and communities that need it most around the globe.

  • 1 Donation of 8,000 stars = 10 days of clean drinking water
  • 1 Donation of 20,000 stars = 1 month* of clean drinking water

*Mega meal and 1 month of clean drinking water donations are only available to students who use the "intermediate" student portal. This setting can be edited in the Classroom Roster by adjusting your Student Portal settings.

What is UNICEF Kid Power?

UNICEF Kid Power is a free UNICEF USA program that delivers interactive videos to help children discover how everyday activities like moving and learning can make a difference in the world. To learn more, visit

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