Students Break Donation Records and Help Families in Need Through Our Collaboration With UNICEF Kid Power®

Learning A-Z and UNICEF Kid Power Classroom Challenge Results

In 2020, Learning A-Z students throughout the United States participated in our Learning A-Z and UNICEF Kid Power Classroom Challenge, donating more than half a billion stars and delivering almost 90,000 meals to hungry families within the U.S.

In 2021, from March 4 to April 30, Learning A-Z students around the world made a combined total of 386,570 donations, utilizing an incredible 3.28 billion stars! Students accrued these stars by reading books and completing activities on the Learning A-Z platform, then turned their stars into critical aid packets, enabling them to make an enormous positive impact on the world around them.

Through their hard work, students in 2021 were able to provide 255,395 healthy meals to families in the U.S. and more than 1.62 million days of clean water to communities around the globe. The classroom giving the most donations was awarded the opportunity to co-author a book with Learning A-Z!

And the winning classroom is:

The class of Rachel Paterson at Kori Nevers Gakuin Elementary School in Japan!

We’re so proud to congratulate Rachel Paterson’s students and their incredible contributions during our Learning A-Z and UNICEF Kid Power Classroom Challenge!

Rachel’s classroom will help author a book for Learning A-Z entitled You Are Marvelous. Her students will compose a text reflecting on the positive attributes they see in each other. Once completed, the book will be posted to our website and included in Raz-Plus as additional content under Meaningful Conversations, a new resource coming this summer to help teachers facilitate challenging conversations in their classrooms.

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You are amazing! Our original goal for this challenge was 100,000 donations, but students around the world have blown us away by reaching nearly 400,000 donations – 4x our original goal! This exciting project has helped families and communities in need in the U.S. and across the globe. We can all celebrate this fantastic success. By reading, earning stars, and donating healthy meals and clean drinking water, students have come together to make a huge impact.

We have more great news to share!

Students who donated and participated in the donation challenge have a lot to be proud of. They’ve shown us that the motivation to learn can skyrocket when paired with the pursuit of an important purpose!

Students who participated in this challenge:

  • Read 3X more books
  • Were 3X more active on the Learning A-Z platform
  • Advanced reading levels faster
  • Completed 4X over the average number of activities

“These are kids helping other kids, which is very rewarding for students. Some students don’t believe they can be in a position to help others, so when they get to really experience that, they’re truly empowered.” – Troy Hickerson, co-founder of UNICEF Kid Power

“Giving students a greater sense of purpose increases their engagement and motivates them to reach new heights in their learning. We’re thrilled to see the learning gains and the impact students made last fall, and we’re excited to partner with UNICEF Kid Power to give students an opportunity to make a difference again this spring.” – Lisa O’Masta, president of Learning A-Z

About the donation challenge: From March 5 to April 30, 2021, Learning A-Z students everywhere donated stars to help others. In the United States, Learning A-Z students donated meals to hungry U.S. families; throughout the world, Learning A-Z students outside the U.S. donated clean water to families and communities most in need worldwide.

And new this year: The classroom donating the most stars in our Learning A-Z and UNICEF Kid Power Classroom Challenge will have the opportunity to co-author an original book for Learning A-Z! We’ll publish the student-written book and share it with the 12 million students we serve around the world. See rules and eligibility.

UNICEF Kid Power® is a free UNICEF USA program that offers interactive videos to help children discover how their everyday activities—such as moving and learning—can make a difference in the world. To learn more, visit

No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. The 2021 Learning A-Z UNICEF Kid Power Classroom Challenge Contest is open to teachers, on behalf of their classroom, with an active eligible Learning A-Z account as of 3/5/21, 21 years of age or older as of the date of entry. Prize will be awarded to the email address associated with the Winning Entrant. Starts 12:00 AM ET on 3/5/21 and ends 11:59 PM ET on 4/30/21 or when 400,000 donations are met, whichever occurs first. For complete rules, visit this link. Sponsored by Learning A-Z LLC.

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