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Easy-to-Use Reading and Activity Packs in Raz-Plus

Raz-Plus Distance Learning Packs for Grades K-5 are designed to help make remote instruction easier and more effective for each teacher and student. Saving teachers time and guesswork while engaging students and supporting families, these packs enable successful distance learning and provide opportunities for ongoing virtual learning in any location.

What Are Distance Learning Packs?

Distance Learning Packs are a curated collection of our best remote learning resources, delivered in an easy-to-use set. Teachers can share them with students and families. Fully digital or printable, these comprehensive sets of instructional materials deliver standards-based, grade-appropriate ELA content.

Distance Learning Packs

What’s Included?

Organized by grade level (K-5), Distance Learning Packs bundle a selection of carefully chosen reading and activity resources. Each pack also contains an updated Parent Kit, which includes tips for parents and caregivers.

Find games, sorts, scripts, word work activities and more in the Activity Pack for each grade level to reinforce skills. Reading Packs include fiction, nonfiction, and poetry books, to engage a wide variety of student interests.

Reading Pack 1

How Do I Use Distance Learning Packs?

Find Distance Learning Packs under the Focused Instruction resources section in Raz-Plus. Assign packs to individual students or to groups. Digitally assignable sections serve as customizable assignments in the Student Portal. Packs can also be downloaded and printed. Using these packs helps ensure standards-based learning continues while students aren’t physically in the classroom.

Focused Instruction Learning Pack

How Else Do Distance Learning Packs Help?

We’re barely scratching the surface here! The packs help save teachers planning time by enabling them to quickly access the reading and activity materials they need for each grade level. These digital and printable resource collections also help caregivers support learning from home, by making it easy to access and use the materials with students. The packs even include tips for easier implementation. Most importantly, the materials themselves are proven effective and engaging.

Empower standards-based education wherever your students are learning, with Raz-Plus Distance Learning Packs.


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