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Research-based instruction is proven to improve literacy outcomes. Aligning your teaching to the Science of Reading can feel challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Just take it one step at a time.

Understand where you are in your journey.

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Step 1

Understand what you need to know.

Plan your course of action for better literacy outcomes. Learn how to implement research-based instruction in your classroom.

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Download Scarborough's Reading Rope

Download the Ladder of Reading to Understand Reading Proficiency Differences

Step 2

Take your students where they need to go.

Learn how to turn research into practice and meet your students’ individual needs to increase engagement and set them up for ongoing academic success.

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Understand Science of Reading Terminology, From the Related Frameworks to Instructional Practices

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Step 3

Find a partner you can trust.

With instruction rooted in research-based best practices, Learning A-Z has the tools you need to flexibly, yet effectively align your teaching to the Science of Reading.

Learn How Our Resources Support Research-Based Instruction

Learn More About How Our Newest Solution, Foundations A-Z, Aligns to Research-Based Instruction

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Step 4

Get the support you need to make the shift.

Foundations A-Z is built on the Science of Reading and includes guided resources and embedded professional development to help you implement explicit, systematic instruction in your classroom.

Download the Infographic: Building Proficiency With Systematic, Explicit, Instruction

Learn About Foundations A-Z’s Embedded Professional Development


Resources to guide you on your journey.

Learning A-Z is committed to partnering with teachers, providing you with the resources you need to keep you and your students motivated and engaged.

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