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Looking to transform your school with the Science of Reading? We’ve got just the thing!

5 Easy Steps

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Are you a teacher? Start your Science of Reading journey here.

As your school evolves, you need an educational partner that evolves with you! Learn how to empower teachers and students, accelerate literacy with research-based learning, and truly lean into the evolution taking place in classrooms around the world.

Taking the right steps is easier than you think.

Step 1 - Build Confidence With Professional Development Step 2 - Turn Theory Into Practice Step 3 - Find a Partner You Can Trust Step 4 - Help Teachers Bring the Science of Reading to Their Classrooms Step 5 - Explore and Take the Next Steps

Step 1

Build Confidence With Science of Reading Professional Development

Empower educators with all of the knowledge they need to confidently deliver research-based instruction. Through this expert-led professional development content, educators will understand the importance of the Science of Reading and gain exposure to insightful thought leadership that’s sure to change the game in their classrooms.

For You:

Dr. Jan Burkins and Kari Yates on Shifting Instruction and Improving Student Literacy

Learn About Foundations A-Z’s Embedded Professional Development

For Your Teachers:

Putting Professional Development Into Practice With Foundations A-Z

Understand the Science of Reading Terminology, From the Related Frameworks to Instructional Practices

Download The Ladder of Reading to Understand Reading Proficiency Differences

Learn Best Practices to Help Your Students Thrive

Read the Basics on The Importance of Teaching Foundational Skills by Dr. Julia Lindsey

Step 2

Turn Theory Into Practice

Upon gaining an understanding of The Science of Reading, educators are more ready to transform this knowledge into practical application in the classroom. With a collaborative review of existing materials, involve educators in the evaluation of current resources and practices for alignment to The Science of Reading. Using review tools such as Scarborough’s Reading Rope, Science of Reading alignment checklists, and more, help uncover the hidden treasures in your curriculum and instruction while you identify needs.

For You:

Read About 3 Tips to Revamp Your Foundational Skills Instruction

Your Current Solutions and How They Align With Scarborough's Reading Rope

Explore the Essentials to Transition to Science of Reading-Aligned Instruction

For Your Teachers:

Read 5 Must-Haves for Foundational Skills Instruction

Integrate Knowledge Building to Maximize Student Learning

Read The Art and Science of Teaching Reading Comprehension by Dr. Tim Rasinski

Step 3

Find a Partner You Can Trust

Now that you’ve taken inventory of your educator’s resources, you may have noticed that there are a few gaps. But don’t worry, we can help! Learning A-Z offers resources that weave research- and topic-based foundational skills and comprehension instruction together, both unlocking the code and building knowledge to create skilled readers! Simply select the solution that best fits your school’s needs such as Raz-Plus, Foundations A-Z, or our Powerful Duo.

For You and Your Teachers:

Read the Research Behind Our Science of Reading-Based Solution

Learn How Leveled Texts Can Support Research-Based Literacy Practices

See How Learning A-Z Products Work Together to Support K-5 ELA Instruction

Step 4

Help Teachers Bring the Science of Reading to Their Classrooms

Effortlessly integrate The Science of Reading into your school or district, increase student engagement, and build teacher confidence with resources not only aligned to both state standards and core curricula, but that also fit seamlessly into the existing daily schedule.

For You and Your Teachers:

See How Learning A-Z Solutions Can Be Used Throughout the Classroom

Explore Sample Structured Literacy Blocks Using Scope and Sequence

Download the Sound Wall Starter Kit

Step 5

Provide Ongoing Training and Support Throughout the Implementation of New Resources

Get the most out of your investment and ensure that your products are implemented efficiently, effectively, and consistently. We know that supported teachers make the greatest impact in the classroom. Consult with a product professional learning expert and develop a personalized plan.

For You:

Live or Virtual Synchronous Learning

Help Teachers Maximize Their Impact in the Classroom With Implementation Pathways

Optimize Usage of Learning A-Z Products In Your School With Train the Trainer

Support Your Teachers With Implementation of Learning A-Z Products With Success Partnership

For Your Teachers:

On-Demand Product Orientation and Support

Guide Your Educators to Success With Expert-led Live Webinars

Elevate Instruction With Our On-Demand Recorded Webinars

Gain Product Knowledge No Matter How Busy Your Day is With Micro-Learning

Stay in the Know With Product Guides and Reference Materials

Free 14-day Trials, No Credit Card Required

Encourage Your Teachers to Start a Free Trial of Raz-Plus

Encourage Your Teachers to Start a Free Trial of Foundations A-Z

Schedule a Consultation to Identify Resource Gaps