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Reading A-Z

"I love how easy it is to differentiate instruction and find quality books that connect with the topics we’re discussing in class with Reading A-Z. The non-fiction books are amazing! The kids love learning about real life and the discussion questions and activities really help my readers develop their foundational and higher-level thinking skills. With Reading A-Z, I save so much time using the provided lesson plans to easily prepare instructional assistants and volunteers, which ultimately enables more of my students to engage in quality instruction daily."

Reading A-Z

"My students have been able to learn phonics patterns while learning about different social studies topics using Reading A-Z. They love that they can listen to books on their iPads!"


"Raz-Kids is a great tool for our students! With Raz-Kids, my students can listen to a story, read a story, and then answer questions about it. Each student has their own account with books at their reading level; it is completely differentiated. My students are really developing their reading strategies and get so excited to "level up!" I have a student that couldn't wait to share how he leveled-up on his reading! It was wonderful to see how excited he was!"

Raz-Plus Español

"If you have a Spanish Immersion Program or a Dual Program, Raz-Plus Español should be a must! I am super happy that we have Spanish books in our Spanish Immersion Program where students can listen, read independently, and finally show comprehension. The opportunity to listen first allows students to read independently while I’m doing Guided Reading or writing activities with other students. Being able to create groups and assign books to a group has been fantastic. I love seeing my students' excitement each time they achieve a new reading level."

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