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"I use Raz-Kids in my special education classroom every day. I love that students can listen to stories before they read them for themselves because it builds independence. ... I work in a Title I school. Very few of my students have books at home. ... Raz-Kids is helping me prevent the summer reading slide that happens to so many children who live in poverty."

Reading A-Z

"As a kindergarten teacher, I loved providing my kids' parents with access to Reading A-Z's leveled reading materials at home. So great!"


"Reading is supposed to be enjoyable, and Raz-Kids allows kids to choose books at their level, in their area of interest. ... The testing and tracking features are a help to teachers who want to see what their kids have done with their time."


"I like how Raz-Kids motivates students to read. Students want to use the program, and it provides parents an alternative to getting students to read at home. I have seen students improve their reading level simply because they are practicing more."

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