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Raz-Plus Español

"Raz-Plus Español has given my students wide access to leveled books in Spanish, which has resulted in creating better readers. I especially like being able to listen to recordings of my students reading."

Raz-Plus Español

"If you have a Spanish Immersion Program or a Dual Program, Raz-Plus Español should be a must! I am super happy that we have Spanish books in our Spanish Immersion Program where students can listen, read independently, and finally show comprehension. The opportunity to listen first allows students to read independently while I’m doing Guided Reading or writing activities with other students. Being able to create groups and assign books to a group has been fantastic. I love seeing my students' excitement each time they achieve a new reading level."


"Raz-Plus is a resource I use daily and what makes me happiest is the ease with which I can find materials. With Raz-Plus, my students have improved their reading skills while being exposed to new and unfamiliar topics. I love being able to use the Books By Skill chart, which allows my students to work in small groups on the same skill but at their individual levels."


"What makes me happiest about using Raz-Plus is the student growth and ease of use. By using Raz-Plus, my students have been able to read more at school and at home. I especially love the comprehension activities and being able to assign and listen to recordings of my students reading for Running Records."

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