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Reading A-Z

"Reading A-Z has phonetic reading material available for my small groups who require Tier II or III lessons. Our scholars value the books and are eager to keep them so they can read to their families. For scholars who are reading at grade level, our teachers can print these to create learning stations. Scholars can apply the reading strategies from our curriculum to something new! Reading A-Z is an amazing supplement to our curriculum!"


"Raz-Plus is the BEST WAY for my students to practice and build reading skills that I teach in the classroom. It is versatile and so effective for building reading at the Kindergarten and 1st-grade levels. It’s the best program I’ve used for building reading skills and fluency in over 30 years of teaching."

Reading A-Z

"Reading A-Z is a wonderful resource for decodable books. The wordless books are also great for tying all the lessons together, and the higher-level books help children transition from learning to read to reading to learn."


"Raz-Plus provides excellent literacy resources in a wide range of genres. I love the folk tales and other stories, as well as the informational text selection that I can use in science and social studies. The reading abilities of my class vary widely from year to year, so I appreciate having access to emergent texts as well as upper-grade texts."

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