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Foundations A-Z

"I use Foundations A-Z in a self-contained, multiple-grade class, and my kids love it. It’s a very well laid out, high-quality instruction program (with phonics!). We are loving it; I’m a huge Learning A-Z fan across the board."

Foundations A-Z

"My students are reinforcing the skills we learn in class while using Foundations A-Z. The skills practiced in the online lessons are appropriate for my reading groups and align well with what we are doing in the classroom."

Foundations A-Z

"Foundations A-Z is an excellent program for my students! They are READING and really learning based on the Science of Reading! I especially love the manipulatives, and the word and letter cards keep my kids focused. If you want to teach children to learn the rules of reading, Foundations A-Z is the program to do it."


"Raz-Kids is a great tool for our students! With Raz-Kids, my students can listen to a story, read a story, and then answer questions about it. Each student has their own account with books at their reading level; it is completely differentiated. My students are really developing their reading strategies and get so excited to "level up!" I have a student that couldn't wait to share how he leveled-up on his reading! It was wonderful to see how excited he was!"

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