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"Foundations A-Z is an excellent program for my students! They are READING and really learning based on the Science of Reading! I especially love the manipulatives, and the word and letter cards keep my kids focused. If you want to teach children to learn the rules of reading, Foundations A-Z is the program to do it."


"Raz-Kids has helped to improve my students’ work recognition and comprehension. As an Intervention Specialist, I look forward to continuing to enhance my Reading program with this wonderful resource."


"Before using Raz-Kids, my daughter’s DIBELS test scores were average with one area in need of support. After using Raz-Kids, every single score was off the chart. Her scores doubled the number that moved her up to the next level, and in one area it had tripled! She has a strong foundation of reading and comprehension that helps her succeed in other areas of school. Now she can focus on loving school, work on building friendships and helping others. Thank you for being part of her foundational support!"

Raz-Plus Español

"Raz-Plus Español is an excellent and complete program with a wide variety of resources and materials I can use in my classroom. My favorite resource is the graphic organizer, which allows me to organize all the extra materials aligned with a specific topic. With Raz-Plus Español, my students are able to both listen to and read a book to practice pronunciation and record themselves reading the text. The first time that I heard a recording from one of my students was amazing!"

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