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Raz-Plus Español

"Raz-Plus Español has given my students wide access to leveled books in Spanish, which has resulted in creating better readers. I especially like being able to listen to recordings of my students reading."

Foundations A-Z

"My students are reinforcing the skills we learn in class while using Foundations A-Z. The skills practiced in the online lessons are appropriate for my reading groups and align well with what we are doing in the classroom."


"Raz-Plus is a resource I use daily and what makes me happiest is the ease with which I can find materials. With Raz-Plus, my students have improved their reading skills while being exposed to new and unfamiliar topics. I love being able to use the Books By Skill chart, which allows my students to work in small groups on the same skill but at their individual levels."

Raz-Plus Español

"Raz-Plus Español is an excellent and complete program with a wide variety of resources and materials I can use in my classroom. My favorite resource is the graphic organizer, which allows me to organize all the extra materials aligned with a specific topic. With Raz-Plus Español, my students are able to both listen to and read a book to practice pronunciation and record themselves reading the text. The first time that I heard a recording from one of my students was amazing!"

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