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Reading A-Z

"The diversity of materials is impressive. I have a very racially diverse class, and all my students can find characters like themselves in the Reading A-Z books ... When I first began teaching 15 years ago, there was always a risk when you sent a book home. Now, however, I send books home without hesitation because if they are damaged or lost, we just print out another one!"

Reading A-Z

"As a 3rd-grade teacher, I have students who read on many levels. Reading A-Z enables me to have books that teach each of them to read."

Reading A-Z

"I love using Reading A-Z in my class. The site is easy to access and provides many resources for me. I love being able to look for specific levels of books or specific topics for my students. This helps me differentiate so much better."

Reading A-Z

"There are so many valuable resources on this site [Reading A-Z] that I could go on for a very long time talking about them ... As a Reading Specialist, I can't imagine what it would be like to be without it!"

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