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"Raz-Plus is worth it if you want your students to love reading. Many new students don’t feel confident reading aloud in class, but they like reading aloud and recording themselves in Raz-Plus. I’m able to monitor their progress and listen to their recordings all within the product. I can play the recording in class, and I see how proud and more confident it makes my students. It’s been a great way to keep students motivated to read more."

"I love that Writing A-Z allows students to learn as they play. If a student struggles with an activity, it allows them to start over to learn it again (and earn more stars!). I love seeing the excitement in my students’ eyes from earning stars after a new skill is accomplished. I especially like the Author's Purpose activity and how Writing A-Z provides differentiated instruction for students who struggle with how material was presented in class."

Reading A-Z

"Reading A-Z is totally worth it! We’ve been able to reach our end-of-year reading goals and my students are gaining confidence while reading."

"Writing A-Z is a great investment for your students. I needed something to supplement my writing instruction, so I tried the free trial of Writing A-Z and loved it! My students have become more efficient writers and have really begun to enjoy writing."

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