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"My 8-year-old son who has dyslexia, auditory processing disorder, and dysgraphia has been using Headsprout for about a month now. He LOVES it. Headsprout has helped do what years of therapy has not been able to do. I would recommend this program to ANYONE."

--Nikia Biles; Parent

"I used Reading A-Z first in a resource room to help at-risk readers. I now use it in my first grade classroom and love how easy it is to find books at the just right level for each of my students."

--Jennifer Reck; Teacher; Muskegon, Michigan

"My favorite part is the home-school connection. Students are excited to see the same books they read in class also on the computer at home."

--Christy Bassett; 1st Grade Teacher; Hurst, Texas

"Using Reading A-Z's Close Reading Packs I have noticed students interacting with the text more often, going back to look for evidence, and having more insightful conversations."

--Amy Kestner; Teacher; Newport, Minnesota


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