Boosting Vocabulary at Clear Creek Elementary

Making Cross-Curricular Connections With Vocabulary A-Z

Clear Creek Elementary teachers and students share how they maximize learning and make cross-curricular connections with  Vocabulary A-Z. With premade and customizable lessons to support vocabulary practice, students can explore a world of vocabulary with fun, game-based activities.

>> Vocabulary A-Z, let's say we're starting a new unit possibly. I can use the words from there, but if we're using ... Like today, for example, we had a social studies nonfiction book that we're going back to refer to, "The Battle of the Independence," so I found the words that I felt like would be used a lot throughout the book, and so it was already premade. I just clicked and added it on. It was super easy. I didn't have to do anything extra, but I assigned it to them there, so I told them, "Okay, first, go through the Vocabulary A-Z part, so then you can read the book," so it makes more sense. I do love that I can use them in all contents. I know that I can always go find something for science. I can definitely find things for social studies, but they also incorporate all the different strategies that we're doing and reading. So I do love that I can always get a three-for-one special.

>> I like doing the vocabulary assignments because it's like ... The hang-mouse one, it's really fun.

>> I really love the assignments and when it gets on to the vocabulary and the spelling, the little things where you can interact, it's really fun to do, especially hang-mouse and the letter fall, and then you can change your character and how it looks, and it's a really fun site.

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