What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

Clear Creek Elementary Students Share Their Ambitions and Why They Love Learning A-Z

Every student has hopes and dreams. In their own words, 5th graders at Clear Creek Elementary in Killeen ISD share their ambitions and why they love learning with Learning A-Z. In the Kids A-Z student portal, fun incentives motivate kids to read and continue to level up their skills.

>> When I grow up, I want to be a weather person, so a meteorologist.

>> Well, I kind of want to be like in the Army, like my dad.

>> When I grow up, I want to be either an artist, or I want to play in the NBA.

>> I want to be a scientist, because I really love science.

>> I want to be an author one day so that kids can read my books.

>> We use Learning A to Z to, like, read and do our vocabulary assignments.

>> We'll either read our paper books, or do Reading A to Z, and then we'll do a book on there.

>> We use it every day. Sometimes she assigns stuff for science, sometimes for reading, sometimes for social studies.

>> I really love the assignments. When it gets on to the vocabulary and the spelling --

>> Or if our teacher wants to find the main idea in the book that we're reading, I can just find the highlighter, and I can highlight and take my notes and stuff.

>> After you read the book, you get stars as well. And then you could like do a quiz to earn more stars.

>> Sometimes, like, I read a book and it levels me up, and I just want to keep on leveling up, because I like having a high level. And also, when I get a lot of stars for leveling up and stuff, I can customize my avatar.

>> Reading A to Z is a great way to show them how fun reading can be. Like, when I read, it's like a key to another world.

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