Appreciating Teachers for All That They Do

Students and School Leaders Share What Makes Their Teachers Special

Teaching involves so much more than delivering instruction, and teachers go above and beyond for their students each and every day. Hear from these students, parents, and school administrators what they appreciate most about their school’s teachers.

>> What I like about the school is the teachers. They communicate to the parents, and they're so, so into the class and into the students. The teachers are so friendly with the parents and with the kids too.

>> The teachers are always nice. They go all-out, especially on the dress-up days. Ms. Guy, she's a nice teacher. She plays with us a lot. It's funny, and she also helps people. She makes people feel like they're strong and independent.

>> I think what I am most proud of as an educator this year is the hard work that our teachers put in every single day to help their students grow. They put in countless hours preparing lessons, thinking about the just-right resources that they need so that students will make their achievement and make their growth.

>> My favorite thing about my school is the teachers. All the teachers are nice and kind, and they make you feel so welcome.

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