Raz-Plus NWEA MAP Growth Instructional Connection

Make Assessment Data Actionable

We’re excited to partner with NWEA to help educators target instruction to meet students’ needs as informed by assessment data. Educators will be able to review students’ MAP ® Growth scores for grades K-5 and locate resources in Raz-Plus that are aligned to students’ needs.


At Learning A to Z, our mission is to ensure that every child succeeds. We specialize in combining technology with amazing educational resources to help educators make learning more personalized and effective. We're excited to partner with NWEA to help educators make meaningful connections between assessment and instruction, turning assessment data into actionable next steps.

Through the Learning A to Z partnership with NWEA, K through 5 educators will be able to review students' map growth scores and locate RAZ-Plus resources aligned to students' needs. Access and easily assign a variety of compelling books and passages at the right Lexile level for each student, available in both English and Spanish. Target specific reading skills in the areas of reading comprehension, reading strategies, fluency, vocabulary and more to address identified knowledge gaps.

Access scaffolded instructional support for the reading skills you want to target, and easily differentiate instruction for each student. View recommendations to pair the targeted skill with the best type of text. Access alignment to your state's Standards, and more RAZ-Plus resources for each targeted skill. Save time by accessing all these resources conveniently in one place.

Ultimately, educators can feel confident that they're personalizing instruction to students' needs, and helping students make learning games.

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