A Raz-Plus Classroom

Raz-Plus Makes It Easier Than Ever to Differentiate Reading Instruction

Have you noticed your students struggling with a specific reading skill? Are you looking for reading materials about a specific topic? Raz-Plus offers more than 50,000 reading resources, all organized by instructional use, topic, key reading skill, content area, and more! Utilize digital assessments and reporting to easily differentiate instruction and strengthen what was taught in the classroom with at-home practice.

Imagine that you are a second grade teacher. Meeting the needs of each unique student is difficult. With so little precious time in the day, it seems impossible to fit it all into your schedule. But is it?

Before the bell even rings, you search Raz-Plus' rich bank of resources for cause and effect, a skill your students need to improve upon. You begin the first day’s lesson with whole class instruction. With printable and projectable texts, it’s easy for every student to follow along.

Later, you switch your content to small group collaboration. Using the ebook tools on their devices, each student interacts closely with the text.

Normally, Jaleesa is confident. But today, she seems disappointed, nervous, and shy. Oh, that’s why! Jalessa has scored poorly in recent weeks on the cause and effect quiz questions.

The students return from lunch.

While working with Jalessa, you see her already begin to gain proficiency proficiency and confidence in work. Meanwhile, you overhear Carson and Yibei discuss whether or not white chocolate is actually chocolate. Inspiration strikes!

Knowing that Raz-Plus contains a project-based learning pack on chocolate, you present the resources as an optional project for interested students. The final bell rings and the students wave goodbye, but your day isn’t done quite yet. You find the chocolate project-based learning pack on Raz-Plus, and easily assign the pack to the group. Then, you write a quick message to Yibei, complimenting her recent work. Finally – you access your file cabinet and locate your folders.

Animal Habitats is your next unit – so you decide to assign all of the ebooks to get students interested and excited about this new topic. It was a busy day, but with a little help from Raz-Plus, you were able to meet every need for every student.

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